What can you be grateful for today?

I am grateful that I have a roof on top of me, food on the table, income to continue to support my family, supportive family members and final journey planned and getting total peace of mind knowing my family will not be burdened in the future.  


Bryan started working at age of 17 and has worked his way up to a professional career in IT. He has dabbled in various careers including being a waiter, real estate agent, insurance agent,  and more recently as an IT Professional for more than a decade. After he went thru the painful lost of his mother, he have joined the bereavement industry to help people to pre-plan their final journey, how to help them to save money and at the same time without need to burden the family members or love ones in the future.

He have a huge passion in personal development and has amassed a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge during his participation in the Pattern of Excellence program, among them are the Swinging Log, Steel Rod and Leap of Faith. He also recently participated in walking on hot coals during the Unleashed the Power Within program by Tony Robbins.

His WHY in life is to lead people to move forward in their life so that they can have a better and happier life. And one of the way (HOW) is to publish books and online courses to reach out to many people. And his new goal is “To share with everyone how to achieve Total Peace of Mind with Pre-Planning of Final Journey”.

Bryan is also the admin & moderator of one of the biggest Facebook Introvert Group called Introvert Diaries with close to 140,000 members.

He is a Certified NLP Practitioner by the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™ and Certified Master NLP Practitioner by ABNLP. Beside that, he is also a Reiki Practitioner and a Certified Master NLP Coach by Ulysses Wang, beside as a Professional Service Advisor under the umbrella of Nirvana Asia.

More about my humble story.

NLP Practitioner

NLP Master Practitioner

Reiki Practitioner


Happy Is Easy Tutorial

Short, actionable videos will walk you through the 14 strategies that you need to have a Happy Life. Put the lessons into practice with the additional assets being provided in this quick course! This is the same framework I personally used in my life. And this proven to be useful during the time I feel sad, upset or angry. It will transform me back to a empowering state so I can move forward towards my goals.

CRUSH Your Limiting Beliefs

As an Introvert, there have been times in our lives where we heard and we believed that "Being an Introvert Is A Bad Thing". And people labeling us Anti-Social, Quiet, Shy, Sad People, Weird and so many more. I can feel how you feel as we are the same, belong to the same group of good people with introversion personalities. I want you to know we are perfectly normal, in fact, we can be a Proud and Happy as an Introvert. But HOW right?

It is very simple, we need to crush our limiting/false belief that we have about being an Introvert. And I come out with a simple yet powerful method called CRUSH Method to eliminate any limiting beliefs and to replace them with an empowering belief. So you can Start Loving Yourself, Feel Proud And Happy As An Introvert In As Little As 7 Days, Without Forcing Yourself To Be An Extrovert.

Pre-Planning for Final Journey

Some people are so "PANTANG" when talked about things related to our Final Journey which can be understood. There is no right or wrong when come to the topic of Pre-Planning of Final Journey, what is most important is "What serve you the best?". To most of us that alredy done our pre-planning, we can have a sense of Peace of Mind knowing that my final wishes are in-planned, we got to decide what the preferred arrangement to avoid family arguement, not leaving the debts for them by getting my future funeral wake service package, niche or burial plot purchased which LOCK down the price and inflation, and many more benefits. To me personally, one of the most important reason why I pre-plan it is I don't want to burden my spouse with financial burden of my funeral costs, unnessary stress to arrange my wake, at the periof of grief. This give me a sense of Peace of Mind. Go have a look at here, Funeral Pre-Planning concept of Total Peace of Mind now, you have everything to gain, zero on loss.

Be With Us, Communities

Are you an introvert just like me? If YES, do join us in a private FB Group here.  

Happy Is Easy Tutorial

Happy Is Easy Tutorial

CRUSH Method Tutorial

why BRYAN do it

I’ve been there

I love personal development because it gives me a sense of GROWTH, and as human beings, it is about growing and when we stop growing, means we are already... I remembered long ago, it is hard for me to feel happy. And my rules for being Happy is when I see the people that I care and love happy, with a smile on their faces. So I will buy a gift to surprise them, or sometimes reward myself with some gadget and so on. But all these happy moments does not last, and very soon it gets back to my normal usual mundane life. As you know, weekday for most of us will be wake up early in the morning, getting ready for the traffic jam, rush to work and quick breakfast, work and wait for lunch and 6 pm off work if you are lucky that do not need to stay back.

All these changes after I joined an NLP based workshop called Patterns Of Excellence in Singapore, I got to learn how life-changing skills and many HaHa moments. One of it was when my group coach asked me this "Why your rules to be happy is so difficult?". That quality question really triggered me to have a deep thinking about it. After the 3.5 days workshop ended, and I am back to Malaysia, my growing passion towards NLP getting more. Eventually, I attended NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner workshop, and get certified by the American Board of NLP (ABNLP) thru master coach, Ulysses Wang.

With all my personal experience, skills and knowledge then I author my second book called "Happy Is Easy" that shared all my 12 strategies on how to be happy, and eventually the third book called "CRUSH Method" on how to remove your limiting beliefs. And the first book that I authored with a friend, "Tummy Guide" which shared some of the nice foods around Klang Valley. All the 3 books you can get it from Amazon Kindle and also the paperback version of it. Then I also came out with online course/tutorial for it. This will be the CONTRIBUTION that I can give back to people.

In recent years, after I have been thru the events where my mother-in-law and my own mother passed away, this changes my thoughts about the bereavement industry. I never thought one day, I will be servicing in this industry, helping people to prepare their final journey, save money, safeguard from the inflation, and to achieve total peace of mind for them. I always tell myself, in the bereavement industry, I can serve people and at the same time earn a living. Isn't that good? It is a noble career in a noble industry to serve people during the distress/grief period. You can check out my funeral planning website for more information on Total Peace of Mind concept and latest promotions that save you money.

Pattern Of Excellence Module 1 @ 2017

Pattern Of Excellence Module 2 @ 2018

Certified NLP Practitioner in 2018

Unleash the Power Within by Tony Robbins

Certified NLP Practitioner by ABNLP @ 2019


As for me, I pre-plan my final journey much earlier because I don't want to burden my love one with all the hassle, financially and stress during the period of grief. And I can use the thousands of dollars saved in a better way by lock in the price now. Inflation is scary, imagine the costs of a funeral wake, niche or burial plot in 10 years, 20 years or 30 years in the future. And now, I can lock in the price and only use it in the future. Make sense?


What they say

zhang en

Figure Skating Athelete

Happy is Easy is not one those long and complicated self-help books that you have to drag yourself to read. Bryan has written it in a way where it is very straight forward, short, simple and easy to understand (and also funny). It is good for high school students like me who don’t have loads of time to read but want to understand how to be happy.


Street Photographer, Bangkok

I read plenty of book about happiness, and always put them down halfway through the book. ‘Happy Is Easy’ is different – as though the writing is done to make reading easy. It also comes with exercise that I can put into practice. If I knew that reading and being happy is that easy with just 10 simple strategies, I wouldn’t have waited until now. Wish I’d found this book earlier.


Blogger ~ notyourtypicaltourist.com

I have been unhappy at work, and Happy Is Easy was given to me as a gift by my BFF. The 10 strategies are simple to follow – who would have thought it’s that easy to be happy in life? The exercise provided also helped me to take a deep dive to understand why I was in that unhappy state of mind, and how I can be more happy. I would recommend this book if you’re looking for easy-and-simple reading to achieve that happiness in life!“



Pre-planning is essential for my husband and me. We have planned for everything in our lives, including for the final journey. We have finally chosen our final resting place of choice at Nirvana for the peaceful and dignified environment it offers. Having a funeral plan eases the burden of our loved ones when the eventual happens. 

online courses, literally free

Happy Is Easy (2nd Edition)



How to be Happy in Life with Simple Strategies That Work Even When You Are Sad

CRUSH Method



How To Start Loving Yourself, Feel Proud And Happy As An Introvert In As Little As 7 Days, Without Forcing Yourself To Be An Extrovert

Pre-Planning Step By Step



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