Happy Is Easy (Revised Edition)

How to be Happy in Life with Simple Strategies That Work Even When You Are Sad

First of all, congratulation for taking action to improve your life to be better and happier. You are now looking for solution because I know that you value happiness. You know as well as I do that happiness is our ultimate goal. Having a Happy Life is important to all of us.

That’s right maybe now in your life, you might experience some unhappiness events. Life is a cycle of ups and downs. You have had an unhappy time (downs cycle), but this only means that a happy time (ups cycle) is just around the corner. As long as you persevere and take responsibility to change it, happiness will be yours. Since you are looking for a way to make your life better and happier, it means you are a responsible person and you are committed to change your life. 

And everyone can have a happy life, as long as you make a firm decision to allow it. You can achieve this goal, can’t you? .

Now, give yourself a smile and you're feeling better, aren’t you? . 

In this revised edition, you’re about to discover 11 simple strategies to have a happier life plus bonuses of extra 3 strategies and downloadable 7 Week Action Workbook.

Happy Is Easy (Revised Edition)

How to be Happy in Life with Simple Strategies That Work Even When You Are Sad

Happy Is Easy is a book about how to be HAPPY in Life with 10 Simple Strategies that work even when you are sad. In the book, the author shared the strategies that he personally used to improve his state of mind to be happy in a short and long term. The good news is, it is easy to be happy because happiness is a state of mind and we can influence it. 

And it is perfectly fine to feel unhappy at times because we are human beings. But we have to make sure it is only for a short term. With the simple strategies outlined in the book, you can apply some of it to feel happy, and empowering yourself to move forward.

In the book, you’re about to discover 10 simple strategies to have a happier life.

Secrets to Crushing Limiting Beliefs

How To Start Loving Yourself, Feel Proud And Happy As An Introvert Without Forcing Yourself To Be An Extrovert

As an Introvert, there have been times in our lives where we heard and we believed that "Being an Introvert Is A Bad Thing". And people labeling us Anti-Social, Quiet, Shy, Sad People, Weird and so many more. I can feel how you feel as we are the same, belong to the same group of good people with introversion personalities.I want you to know we are perfectly normal, in fact, we can be a Proud and Happy as an Introvert.

But HOW right?It is very simple, we need to crush our limiting/false belief that we have about being an Introvert. And I come out with a simple yet powerful method called CRUSH Method to eliminate any limiting beliefs and to replace them with an empowering belief. So you can Start Loving Yourself, Feel Proud And Happy As An Introvert In As Little As 7 Days, Without Forcing Yourself To Be An Extrovert.“Is Being an Introvert a bad thing?”

I was having the same belief too in the past until I got it crushed. Allow me to share with you my journey from having a belief about Being an Introvert a bad thing to today, I am happy and proud to be an introvert. And I create a simple CRUSH Method course to help you to overcome the limiting belief on being an Introvert, in fact, the same method can be used to overcome any limiting beliefs. At the end of the course, not only you will eliminate your limiting beliefs, but also to implement a new empowering belief.I BELIEVE YOU CAN

Tummy Talks

Malaysian Food Guide

Nothing unites people as easily as food. Malaysia is blessed with a hot pot of culture which brings along with it a rich variety of food from Malay Satay to Indian Chapatti, Thai Tom Yum to Italian Spaghetti. Despite their origins, one thing for certain is that its taste is unique to Malaysia as the recipes have all been enhanced through the years to suit the taste buds of Malaysians. Go anywhere in the world and you would never find something that tastes exactly as what you would find in Malaysia.

Tummy Talks is a guide to great Malaysian Foods. Every reviews of the foods has been personally tasted and approved by us. We didn’t just target upmarket restaurants but reached out also to our everyday hawker stalls that most people are able to easily afford. Tummy Talk is our dream to share with you our much loved food in the vicinity of the greater Klang Valley area.

And this also act as a good guide for anyone that come visit to Malaysia, particular in Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya and surrounding areas. Each review have included the place addresses, location map and gps / google map coordinates.