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Happy Is Easy Tutorial

2 Modules 7 Chapters 36 Lessons

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Happy Is Easy 2nd Edition

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6 Lessons

Ebook & Bonus Resources

Download your digital copy of Happy Is Easy (PDF) and all the additional bonuses for you. Thank you for trusting me.

Happy Is Easy (Revised Edition) (PDF)

Your 14 Simple Strategies to stay Happy.....

Happy Is Easy Action Workbook (PDF)

Your 7 Week Action Workbook to guide you along towards...

Happy Is Easy Audiobook (Revised Edition)

You can download all the mp3 below and listen to it at any time, anywhere.

Personal Growth Plan Template (Google Sheet)

The template that you can use to plan your personal growth. Growth = Happiness

Happy Is Easy Summary Card (PDF)

Summary card of Happy Is Easy for all the strategies.

My Precious Day Journal Template

Monday to Sunday daily printable pdf that you can use to record a journal.

7 Chapters

7 Weeks Challenge

7 Weeks Challenge


Week One 4 Lessons

A Big Welcome

You can download the free resources in the Bonus Resources section.

And join your private 7-Week Challenge FB Group here.

Lesson 01 Make A Decision

"Once when we take full responsibility on our own happiness, we will gain full power to achieve it." - Bryan

Additional Resources

- Read more at Happiness is a State of Mind story blog post

Lesson 02 Current Versus Ideal Life

Take Actions to remove the gap between Current Life and Ideal Life so we can have a happier life!

Action Workbook

Is it important to make a REAL DECISION to change your life to...?

Week Two 5 Lessons

Lesson 03 Change State

State = Physiology + Focus + Meaning. Changing your emotional state immediately by mastering the Physiology + Focus + Meaning.

Lesson 03 Supplementary: Hey Google

Hey Google, Tell Me Something Good is your daily dose of good news direct from your Google Assistant. Get a 2-3 sentence news summary about people who are working to solve problems for our communities and our world. The stories are curated through the lens of solutions journalism by our partners at Solutions Journalism Network.

Lesson 04 Give Up

Give up things that do not serve you and carry on things that serve you.

Action Workbook

Knowledge is potential power, taking actions is real power!

Week Three 4 Lessons

Lesson 05 Rules

Are your rules of happiness is within your control?  

Lesson 06 Power of Reframing

Master the art of changing the meaning to empower yourself!

Lesson 06 Supplementary: How to Change Your Limiting Belief

The Power of Reframing can also be used to change our limiting beliefs. I shared one of my limiting beliefs about my father in law in the video below.

Action Workbook

You are doing great, continue your good job!

Week Four 3 Lessons

Lesson 07 Quick Intro: Chemicals of our Happiness

Quick Introduction of Happy Chemicals

Lesson 07 Happy Chemicals

Once you understand all your new best friends, you can leverage them to help you to maintain a happier life.

Action Workbook

Who will you choose as your new best friend? I have chosen all of them :)

Week Five 3 Lessons

Lesson 08 Personal Growth

Remember to make a copy of the Personal Growth Template (Google Sheet) from the bonus resources section.

Lesson 8 Supplementary: How Do I Get Myself Exercise Easily

Today I would like to share with you my strategy on how to get myself exercise easily. The key is FOCUS and below are the 3 simple steps to follow.

Step 1: Find a type of exercise that you can enjoy
Step 2: Find an activity that you like and can do during exercise
Step 3: Change the meaning and focus of the exercise session

Action Workbook

Quality Questions:

Where am I now?
What do I want to improve?
How can I improve it in a fun way?
Why do I want to improve this area?
What resources do I need to improve it?
What resources do I have right now?
How do I know I have achieved it?
What is my target date?

Week Six 4 Lessons

Lesson 09 Practice Gratitude

Let's count our blessing...  

Lesson 09 Supplementary: How The Five Minute Journal works

How The Five Minute Journal works

What is The Five Minute Journal and how does it help you? 

For more info, you can visit their website here.
Alternative, you can use Grid Diary App that available in App Store for IOS. For more info, you can visit their website here.

Lesson 10 Giving Back

Giving back move our focus from ourselves to others. Try it and feel the difference!

Action Workbook

You are awesome, this is week 6 already. Let's do it.

Week Seven 7 Lessons

Lesson 11 Daily Ritual

Do you want to start your Day in an empowering state?

Lesson 11 Supplementary: Priming by Tony Robbins

Additional Resources:

I have written a blog post on my Daily Ritual here.
The two videos below:
#1 Video: 10 Minutes Priming Routine by Tony Robbins. This is one of my morning rituals. 

Lesson 11 Supplementary: Egoscue - Anywhere Training Exercises

Additional Resources:

I have written a blog post on my Daily Ritual here.
The two videos below:
#2 Video: Brian Bradley from Egoscue shows 4 outstanding exercises that You can do anywhere, anytime, for better and stronger physiology. This is one of my morning rituals too. 

Lesson 12 Scrambling Bad Experiences

Master this powerful NLP technique, it will change your life to...

Lesson 13 Write To Yourself

Express it out rather than keep those emotions that do not serve us.

Lesson 14 Words

Understanding how Words can affect us emotionally and leverage it to help us to have a happier life.

Action Workbook

WELL DONE, this is the final action tasks, you are freaking rock!