“Discover The 14 Simple Introvert Strategies That I Use To Claim Back My Deserved Happiness And Overcome Sadness, Anger, Frustration, And Upset Moments... All By Myself!”

Learn How To Apply 14 Actionable Strategies To Put A Smile On Your Face... It worked 100% On Me!

“Happy Is Easy” Will Help You To...
  • Possibility: Create a new possibility in your life. Imagine what a Happy Life can bring you...
  • Emotional Mastery: Understand the logic behind our behavior and how to control our emotional state aka feeling
  • New Skills: Imagine having 14 strategies under your belt to utilize whenever you need to...
  • Shortcut: Shortcut for having a Happy Life with 14 easy to understand and actionable strategies in a less than 100 pages book
  • Certainties: Imagine that you have master the 14 awesome strategies, what will it give you...
  • Action: 7 weeks challenge to help you to take action towards...
“Happy Is Easy” NOT For...
  • NOT: for people that keep the book in the computer
  • NOT: for people that do not need to have happier life
  • NOT: for people that like to read  200 to 300 pages book
  • NOT: for people that are not taking action
  • NOT: for people that hate shortcut

I Was An Unhappy Introvert Last Time, The New Me Now Is 😀

Thank You To My 14 Personal Strategies, I Can Control My Life Better...

  • DRIVING FORCE - this will change your life and help you to move forward - page 15
  • MINDSET SHIFT- new possibilities in your life - page 19
  • GAP - why closing the gap will make you happier - page 21
  • IN HEARTBEAT - the fastest way to change your state - page 25
  • GIVE UP -  Four to + Two not to - to get you the happy life - Page 34
  • RULES - is it internal or external? Choose the wrong ones will screw your life - page 45
  • POWER OF REFRAMING - how the art of changing meaning can help you in... - page 47
  • FOUR BEST FRIENDS - leverage on them to boost your happiness - page 51
  • A MUST HAVE- if you want lasting happiness - page 58
  • DAILY RITUAL - it is a magical secret to happiness - page 77
  • BONUS STRATEGIES - 3 more strategies for you to have a happier life - page 84
  • SECRET RECIPE - Event (E) + Response (R) = Outcome (O) - page 89

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Bryan really proves that being happy is easy until you can just understand how to be happy in just a thin book. Happy is Easy is not one those long and complicated self-help books that you have to drag yourself to read. Bryan K has written it in a way where it is very straight forward, short, simple and easy to understand (and also funny). It is good for high school students like me who don’t have loads of time to read but want to understand how to be happy.

Zhang En, Shah Alam Malaysia

I have been unhappy at work, and Happy Is Easy was given to me as a gift by my BFF. The 10 strategies are simple to follow – who would have thought it’s that easy to be happy in life?  The exercise provided also helped me to take a deep dive to understand why I was in that unhappy state of mind, and how I can be happier. I would recommend this book if you’re looking for an easy-and-simple reading to achieve that happiness in life!

Ling, Bangkok Thailand

Happy is Easy is a simple book to understand. Reminding us that Happy is indeed a choice. A good book for training/seminar/workshop purposes.

Eve, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

One of the many life changing event I attended. This was the Unleashed The Power Within event by Tony Robbins in Singapore

From the desk of

Bryan, Author & Coach

Why Only $3? And Not $17, Not FREE?

Because One Of The Secret To Success Is Commitment!

Do you know how many free e-books, free report, free online training and all the free stuff that I got it from online? 

I do not know either. 

Do you know how many e-books I have read and how many free online training that I have gone thru?I think not more than 20%.

I have spend a lot of efforts to write the first edition of Happy Is Easy: How To Be Happy In Life With Simple Strategies That Work Even When You Are Sad. And hired two freelancers from Fiverr, one to help me on the cover page design and another one to proofread my book. My main wish for sharing all my 12 personal strategies that have helped me from being an unhappy introvert to be a happy introvert. 😀 And through Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) to reach out to people. I really wish to help you to move forward to have a better and happier life.

Then, I have revised the book and at the same time added two more newest strategies that I found it work well for me. And this time, I feel I can market it myself so I have full control over it, including setting a much lower price so more people can afford it. Why NOT FREE right? I can easily market it at a higher price of $17 or $27, but at the same time, I want more people to be able to afford it. FREE? Most of us will not appreciate things that we get it for free. Thus, I am giving away my digital version of this amazing book for literally free, it only requires a commitment from you for $3. Since you paid for it, the chance that you will read it and take action is higher than if it is free. 

Since the day, I knew that I am an Introvert and I have joined my FB Groups that related to our community. I feel more comfortable there with our own people. And at the same time, I realized many Introverts feeling unhappy in their life. Some even feel unhappy with becoming an Introvert. To me, happiness comes from within regardless of our personality is introvert or not. We have control over and once we resume the responsibility of it, things will change. And I really wish to see all of you to have a happier life, and everyone deserves a better and happier life.

It is my WHY in Life to help people moving forward so that they can have a better and happier life. Below is the printout that pastes on my wall, next to where I am sitting now.

Let Me Ask You, Do You Really Want To Keep Living In This Way And Continue The Path Of Sadness, Frustration...? Or Do You Want To Take Your Happy Life Back? If The Answer Is Yes, Get The "Happy Is Easy" book below.

 14 Actionable & Simple Strategies That I (An Introvert) Personally Use To Change My Life

“Do You Want To Have A Happier Life?

The Secret Is To Acknowledge Your Current Situation, Commit And Take Action Now!

  • "Happy Is Easy (Revised Edition) Book in digital version. ($7 Value) (On Amazon, first edition paperback retails for USD 13.70)
  • "Happy Is Easy (Revised Edition) Online Tutorial if you are visual-oriented person, then videos training is what you need. ($47 Value)
  • "Happy Is Easy (Revised Edition) audiobook if you are audio-oriented person, then this audiobook is what you suit you. ($17 Value)
  • “Happy Is Easy” Action Workbook (PDF): Your 7 Week Action Workbook to guide you along towards... ($7 Value)
  • Personal Growth Plan Template (Google Sheet): The template that you can use to plan your personal growth. Growth = Happiness ($7 Value)
  • Happy Is Easy Summary Card (PDF): Summary card of Happy Is Easy for all the strategies so you can refer to it easier and available in two format size ($7 Value)

"Wish I’d found this book earlier!"

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