​​​​My Humble Story

Taken in Fraser Hills, Pahang

Taken in Orlando, United States

Personal Life

In the early life of Bryan K, after graduating from high school he has started working in the IT industry while pursuing his diploma part-time, and eventually a degree in a distance learning program with an Australia University. The big portion of his salary going to paying the school fees. At that time, his second job was in KL downtown and after work, he will walk to his college which is about 15 minutes walking distance. In the end, he did not complete his degree program due to the high course fees (conversion from AUD).

He then focuses in his career and just knows how to work hard. Coming from a not well to do family, with mum working as a tea lady / office helper to help support the family. And none of his family members have graduated from university. He continue to live without knowing his real life purpose / direction, work hard and eventually met his wife in one of the company that they worked together. 

From being a EDP staff, he was fortunate enough to join another company that selling MRP solution (IT)  where he met one of his buddy. Funnily enough, his buddy and him joined the company on the same day, and also together resigned to join another company selling ERP solution. He started as a functional consultant in the ERP industry and eventually learned up his technical skills from reading the Development Solution manuals. After more than a decade in the ERP industry, specializing in the Technical aspect of the system.

At a very young age, he feels the IT industry is not for him and resigned to be a real estate negotiator, home loan agent and also insurance agent. With his personality of an Introvert, he faced huge challenges in his new career which he has to make cool call, engaged with people and etc. After two years of trying while his wife working full time, and the income from the real estate commissions was not stable. 

In the end, he went back to the ERP industry. From a functional consultant to technical consultant, and eventually a Technical Manager managing the technical team. His boss at that time even sends him to attend a Microsoft conference in Orlando, United States. 

Taken during POE Module 1, Singapore

Taken during POE Module 2, Singapore

Taken during Certified NLP Practitioner, Singapore

Mid-Life Crisis

After so many years of building my career in the ERP industry, with my boring working life of 9 to 6 pm, peak hour rush, overtime and sometimes weekend rushing urgent projects. I started to struggle to get to work, what still push me was my responsibility on tasks assigned to me, people that reporting to me and the customers that trusted us.

After being a human for more than 30 years, I was kind of lost. I was not very happy and started to think about what is my life purpose. I started a blog running on WordPress with the thoughts to earn an extra source of income from the internet, from the Google Adsense program and promoting some affiliates. I did not make much money, partly I was not active in blogging. From Adsense as at writing, it is only $133.56 in total. It is quite demotivating at the same time, looking at the income generated from my blog. I also started selling good books on marketplaces, sold some books along the way with very little earning.

So I continue to focus on my career in the ERP industry, as that gives me certainty and stable income to pay my monthly commitment and expenses. And as you know, I also continue to feel unfilled and lost in my life direction.

Not until I attended the preview of Patterns of Excellence (POE) workshop. I went to the module 1 Breakthrough to Success in 2017. It was a 3.5 days workshop held in Singapore. With my introvert personality, I did have fear and worry to attend a LIVE workshop knowing that I have to socialize with many strangers. But I am grateful and happy that I made it, got to meet up with some nice people. And the biggest breakthrough that I have is to know the real reason behind my goal. One of the session during the workshop is called Why Why Why. My partner for the exercise will keep asking me why I want to achieve my goal and will keep pushing for an answer. At that moment I found my real why, I knew it is the one that I really want, as I can feel it in my heart. What do I want? I want Happiness.

After that, I read Find Your Why book by Simon Sinek and follow the exercise, and found my WHY in life. The WHY that can give me happiness. The WHY that end my mid-age crisis as I knew what I want and need to do every day.

My Why, How and What



To Help People Moving Forward So That They Can Have A Better And Happier Life


  • Be kind to people
  • Be supportive
  • Keep it simple
  • Be better than yesterday
  • Be a giver
  • Create value


To be a life coach and infopreneur/author to create products that add value to people life.

Taken during Certified NLP Practitioner, KL

Taken during UPW Workshop, Singapore

Introvert | Coach | Author | Husband

Fast forward to today, my passion is on personal development particular on self-mastery with NLP. I am a Certified NLP Practitioner by both the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™ and American Board of NLP (ABNLP). In this coming December 2019, I will get myself a Certified NLP Master Practitioner under ABNLP. Besides that, I am also a certified NLP coach and the upcoming NLP Master Coach by Ulysses Wang.

I personally believe Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a powerful tool that everyone must have in order to move forward in life so that they can have a better and happier life. NLP is not a self-motivation or productivity study. Instead, NLP gets our communication and perception aligned and creates new strategies in our life. It is kind of like 'reformatting a disk' and install upgraded software for better performance. Does that make sense?

With my knowledge, skill, and experience in the personal development niche, I believe it is going to add value to people's life. Currently, I am using two ways to educate my audiences which are books and online training programs such as Happy Is Easy, How To Stay Motivated and mores to come.

With my technical background, it is much easier for me to understand how to configure ClickFunnels™ software, integration to email provider, payment gateway, email marketing and etc. This is one of the value-added services that I provide and definitely can save you tons of time and money.

Taken at home, LOL

Giving Back

I am grateful for what I have in life. I am grateful to have food on my table knowing at the same time different place, there are people with either insufficient food or no food for the day. And I believe in giving back to society and my compassion always on children. They are not only our future leaders, but they are also a bunch of innocent humans that deserve basic food and education to grow.

In my personal capacity, I do a small donation monthly to TFM that provide education to school children. And on ad-hoc basic to an organization like UNICEF in my country and Operation Under Ground.

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